Friday, July 9, 2010

Marvell Zylonite PXA300

Just a quick entry concerning OpenPXA today. In need for some rest, I hacked on the Marvell Zylonite PXA300 board I got some time ago. It is currently supported by the OpenPXA OBM2 as well as U-Boot (u-boot-pxa -openpxa).

I also tested the new SDHC capable PXAMCI driver I recently added to U-Boot on PXA300. It works if I disabled the High-Speed support, which is a new feature on PXA3xx where the card runs at 26 MHz. I think that it's just some really simple problem, maybe miscomputation of the clock speed or something, but I'll analyze that later. For now, I use the old driver on pxa3xx.

I'll also need to sort out the PXA3xx branch of U-Boot (the -openpxa branch), as the mess there starts being bigger and bigger. Once that's done and I have the Zylonite PXA320 fixed, I'll start pushing this stuff into mainline U-Boot.

Not to forget a quick summary of other happenings, I added LCD support to ZipitZ2 U-Boot port. That also implies a SPI interface, which I did using the softspi (GPIO driven SPI) driver. Lastly, I started pushing the PXA2xx fixes and improvements into mainline U-Boot.