Monday, July 30, 2007

Opie: CPUFreq applet

I put together one more applet today. This time it's CPUFreq control applet. All it does is that it allows you to change CPU speed from GUI. Currently supported CPUs are PXA25x/26x and PXA27x.


And of course screenshot. In the menu header you can see current CPU speed. To select different speed, use menu items below.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

LifeDrive: BorderApplet for Opie

Since I found out two GPIOs that control LCD border power and put together small driver to turn on/off the border, there became need for GUI to control this driver. So I hacked together simple applet for Opie to turn the border on/off.


The screenshot is slightly edited in GIMP, but its enough to see how it looks I think. BorderApplet is that changing blue thing in applet dock. You just tap on it to enable/disable border, thats all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today's Konqueror/Embedded hacking ][

So in the end, Konqueror/Embedded seems to be fairy stable and usable. Font problem was just that my fonts were taken from qt/e3 and I needed those from qt/e2. Even javascript now works and konqueror embedded even compiles with RTTI ... time to celebrate ;-) I will make someone merge this in OE right after I make some fine tuning. Btw. this konqueror uses KHTML 3.5.7 ;-)


Today's Konqueror/Embedded hacking

Being without a webbrowser is pretty inconvenient on mobile device, thats for sure. So I decided to take a look at Konqueror/Embedded once more. I grabbed new sources from Basyskom and started hacking on them. I configured it so that everything is enabled and only disabled javascript stuff, ported Paul Eggleton's Konq/E 2007 patch (available here) on it, added bunch of mine patches, added a few horrible hacks and voila. See the screenshots. It is being worked on so dont worry about those distorted fonts.


Friday, July 13, 2007


I recently noticed that some of our devices still use static LCCR0 and LCCR3 values in device files. This is not quite correct so I put together really stupid and bloated tool called LCCRman. You just give it the LCCR0 and LCCR3 values and it returns the correct .lccr0 and .lccr3 section of pxa_mach_info structure.

Download here:


I just slightly diverged from my holiday hacking plan. Since some people were asking me about frequency scaling on pxa27x palms I took a look at it. First attempt - LCD got "milky". I continued in experiments and in the end I obviously killed my device :) Disassembling and repluging the battery fixed it of course. I was experimenting further on ... now with device taken apart... and in the end I managed to make cpufreq working without the milky display effect. It is still sort of weird hack, but it is fine for the time being. So enjoy the frequency scaling. Cool about it is that you can eg. play mp3s in xmms-embedded and have cpu running at 1/4 of working speed (104MHz) and it works perfectly well. You can also disable LCD backlight and this is what I call power conservation ;-) I also tried to overclock my device - Palm LifeDrive with 416MHz PXA270-C0 - to 520MHz ... this seemed to work so I moved further - 624MHz ... the device lasted alive for about 5 seconds and then freezed, but the reset button worked. This overclocking stability differs from chip to chip though so it may work for you as well as it doesnt have to work for me.