Friday, July 13, 2007


I just slightly diverged from my holiday hacking plan. Since some people were asking me about frequency scaling on pxa27x palms I took a look at it. First attempt - LCD got "milky". I continued in experiments and in the end I obviously killed my device :) Disassembling and repluging the battery fixed it of course. I was experimenting further on ... now with device taken apart... and in the end I managed to make cpufreq working without the milky display effect. It is still sort of weird hack, but it is fine for the time being. So enjoy the frequency scaling. Cool about it is that you can eg. play mp3s in xmms-embedded and have cpu running at 1/4 of working speed (104MHz) and it works perfectly well. You can also disable LCD backlight and this is what I call power conservation ;-) I also tried to overclock my device - Palm LifeDrive with 416MHz PXA270-C0 - to 520MHz ... this seemed to work so I moved further - 624MHz ... the device lasted alive for about 5 seconds and then freezed, but the reset button worked. This overclocking stability differs from chip to chip though so it may work for you as well as it doesnt have to work for me.

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shivap said...

can u share the source code related to frequency scaling with me or provide with links which explain me how to do it... thanks
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