Tuesday, August 14, 2007


That's one small hack for Marex, one giant leap for PalmTX port ;-) . Yup, I finally finished the PCMCIA driver for Palm T|X. Now the WiFi card is detectable by pccardctl and friends. See following results ...

root@palmtx:~$ pccardctl info
PRODID_2="Cheetah6064 802 11b Module"

root@palmtx:~$ pccardctl ident
Socket 0:
product info: "SyChip", "Cheetah6064 802 11b Module", "WLAN6100", "01"
manfid: 0x02db, 0x6064
function: 6 (network)

root@palmtx:~$ pccardctl status
Socket 0:
3.3V 16-bit PC Card
Subdevice 0 (function 0) [unbound]


vsviridov said...

Great news... But does it mean that WiFi is operational now?

Marex said...

Nah, it means it is accessible. Now is the right time to start wrapping the libertas_cs driver for it and hope that marvell/sychip/palm didnt prepare any more obscure surprises like on 8305.

Daniel said...

Will this be able to filter down to the LifeDrive?

Marex said...

LifeDrive already has pcmcia driver ;)

Sirius said...

hi my name is daniel=) i have a question, where i can find opie 1.2.3 for my palm tx

Marex said...

check http://opie.handhelds.org and miska's blog ;)

Ricardo said...

Hi! where can I find more information about the status of WiFi on TX ? Thanks for your great work!

Nikolas said...

kernel 2.6.24 has suport for marvell 88W8385 (wifi chip on lifedrive)
can you try with this kernel?


i'm from argentina sorry for my bad english

Alejandro D. Comisario said...

Great tip! Let's hope Marex give it a try, and see some results!!
If marex hasn't already get wifi almost to work, after the PCMCIA driver finished.

Luck, and let's wait for good news!

Patrick said...


upon examining my tx and seeing that the file is locked , thanx to palm , in palm os5 one can not access the files for the palm os5 wifi drivers , thinking its linux or some form of a base right ? so then it clicked , why you were working on being able to access the memory , have you been able to touch that part ? can you tell me what i need to know , i have opie going good n all , but i must have wifi , no nerd points without it.. i saw the sychip page from the other blog page ,

hmm , are you attempting to access the internal card ? that was my first thoughts ...

please contact me , i have alot of in depth questions and might be able to help ...