Sunday, September 23, 2007

Palm Wireless Keyboard

I recently borrowed Palm Wireless Keyboard from |miska| to write a driver for it. First of all, it's not a good idea to polute kernel sources with more and more keyboard driver modules. Moreover when there already is a nice and clean solution called kbdd for handling all those serial/bluetooth/irda keyboards too, so I decided to use it. The following patch adds palmwk support to kbdd.


To use it just compile kernel with CONFIG_SERIAL_PXA_IR=y and run "kbdd -p /dev/ttyS2 -t palmwk". If you configure kbdd using kbdd.conf, it's even easier since at least in angstrom it's started automagically every time you boot and you wont have to type that command at all. There are just minor changes in the original palmwk keymap, that is "Green FN" + Numbers works as Fx keys (convenient eg. in mc) instead of special characters.


Kevin said...

This patch is for the kbdd application, right? The kernels on hackndev are already enabled for irda keyboards, and should not need to be patched? Or am I wrong on this one? I would prefer not to re-compile a kernel, as I am not quite good at cross-compiling yet.

Good work tho, I hope to use this driver soon.

Marex said...

palmwk in kernel is deprecated ;)

Kevin said...

marex... the link for the patch is dead, could you provide a patched binary which you have used? thanks, great work. any luck on the WiFi?