Monday, June 21, 2010

OpenPXA: first release

The OpenPXA project proudly released first beta version of the bootloader package for PXA3xx. The package supports the following boards:
  • Toradex Colibri PXA300
  • Toradex Colibri PXA310
  • Toradex Colibri PXA320
  • Marvell Littleton PXA310
The software is labeled "beta" because there still might appear problems that we are unaware of.

The package contains the OpenPXA OBM2 and U-Boot bootloader binaries for the boards as well as installation instructions. The package can be downloaded from the OpenPXA website.

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Daniel said...

Great work! Thanks a lot for all your work, Marek. Wish I could contribute more :)