Monday, June 21, 2010

Zaurus hacking

Just a quick update on the problems I described on Zaurus. I've been hacking a little bit further into it and figured there's a problem in PCMCIA. Actually, there was always a warning in the pxa2xx_base.c stating that the timing recomputation for the PCMCIA devices is based off the CPU core frequency and that's probably wrong. I changed this and based the timing off the CPU bus frequency, which fixed one of the problems with Zaurus. It fixed the problem where at 312MHz the harddrive died. The other problem with weird lines on the LCD still persists, though not in such a big scale.

On the other hand, the LCD problem now appears even on 416 MHz which makes me think the PCMCIA timing recomputation has some other bug. Maybe, the timing is now too tight so the PCMCIA device takes too much bus bandwidth, triggering the LCDs FIFOs underruns.

There is one more thing that brings me to that conclusion, that is, when I ran a hdpart -T /dev/sda on the harddrive attached to PCMCIA, I got the following results:

FrequencyRead speed without fixRead speed with fix
416 MHz8 MB/s12 MB/s
208 MHz2 MB/s4 MB/s

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