Friday, July 17, 2009

Further Z2 kernel hacking

As you might have noticed, I was hacking quite a lot on the Z2 recently. I finally got the patches into some releasable form, so here they are (LINK). To apply them, issue the following commands:
  • Clone Eric Miao's kernel tree:
    • $ git clone git://
    • $ git checkout -t -b devel origin/devel
  • Extract the tarball with patches:
    • $ tar -xvjf Z2-patches.tar.bz2
  • Apply the patches:
    • $ git am Z2-patches-clean/*.patch
The current version still has some issues, but that's being worked on (mostly usability issues, hardware seems to work well). Beware, this version of kernel doesn't work with BLOB bootloader. You'll need U-Boot flashed into your Z2 in order to run this kernel.

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