Friday, July 17, 2009

PalmTX,T5,LD fixes

Today, I sent a few fixes for PalmTX, T5 and LifeDrive to some mailing lists (alsa-devel, linux-input, linux-wireless, linux-arm-kernel). They are addressing the following issues:
  • MFP configuration for STUART on T5, TX, LD (fixes not working serial port)
  • WiFi channel issue on TX (that is, fix for FWv4 register shift in libertas driver)
  • MMC delay on T5, TX, LD (fixes problems with some cards not being detected properly)
  • Interrupt driven touchscreen driver for T5, TX, LD (see below)
I also sent RFC patch for pxaficp driver to remove too many copies of similar code for startup/shutdown of the IrDA chip.

Interrupt driven touchscreen driver: I modified the mainstone interrupt driven touchscreen driver and added support for Palm hardware. The benefit from this is that this driver removes some load from the CPU. The main problem with getting this driver work was weird WM1613 chip found in Palms. The chip is some weird crossbred between WM9712 and WM9713 (because WM9712 has AC97_GPIO_STATUS register shifted by one to left, WM9713 doesn't and WM1613 doesn't either, though reports it's ID as WM9712 ; also, reportedly this chip as found in Palm Treo680 reports it's ID to be the one of WM9713).

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step2back said...

Marex, please publish your patches.

Your fan.