Thursday, July 2, 2009

A way to PalmOS-less device ][

And here comes one more entry today. Once I have a nice uboot on PalmTC now, why not give linux a go, right? Actually, collecting all the ancient patches for PalmTC I produced last year, I managed to compile a kernel from them and load it on PalmTC. Many things work, though there are some that do not. Here's the list of those that need fixing:
  • Keyboard (needs to be replaced by gpio-matrix-keypad that will land in mainline soon ... I hope)
  • WiFi (this might be caused by the highly suspicious state of the WiFi module, I need to test with another one)
Sound has one issue as well, the palmtc-asoc driver doesn't work, but with the native PXA driver, the UCB1400 chip is properly detected and touchscreen works as well. Therefore it'll be an easy fix.

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