Saturday, July 11, 2009

Z2 LCD problem solved

As I wrote in the previous entry, the LCD wasn't working if BLOB was replaced with U-Boot on Z2. This is not true anymore. A member of Z2 hacking community called 'g1powermac' supplied me with a datasheet to the LCD module which clearly stated the LCD needs initialization over SPI bus. I took a quick glance at the BLOB sources and found out it's really true, the LCD needs to be initialized as there was something very similar to the stuff in datasheet. I put together a simple driver (patch available here) to do the initialization and it really turned out to be the problem why LCD stood blanked. Therefore the way to replacing BLOB with U-Boot is now open.

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sweetlilmre said...

Marex, you are truely a 00Linux ninja :) Can't wait to start playing with this (and repartitioning flash etc). Soon we will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! :)